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Common Dreams - Broken or Missing Teeth; Teeth Falling Out
Susan Baragia, M.A. DreamsHelp.com

You dream you look in the mirror and notice your front teeth are missing. In your dream you spit into your hand, and a mouthful of teeth fill your palm. Though this type of dream is disturbing, it is very common and its meaning tends to be similar for most dreamers.

Teeth are a symbol of strength, aggression, and the material aspect of life. Teeth are seen by many cultures as a symbol of power. Generally, dreams of damaged or missing teeth tend to reflect anxiety on the part of the dreamer. Imagine if you had no teeth. You would be severely restricted in what you could eat and chew, you would be restricted in your speech and voice and your appearance would be significantly altered. People who have completely lost their teeth lose their ability to thrive.

After you have a dream of this type, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What was my overall feeling when I realized my teeth were broken or dislodged?
  • When am I feeling that feeling in my waking life?
  • How would I describe teeth to myself? What is their function?
  • Am I frustrated or feeling a loss of power in my waking life?
Now, because dreams can have different levels of meaning, sometimes teeth dreams can be taken literally. You might want to examine the health of your mouth. Are your teeth in need of an examination? Sometimes in dreams we need to make sure we don't overanalyze and miss the obvious!

You dreamed about teeth for a reason. Your unconscious chose this universal symbol of power, control, and aggression to send you a message. If you continue to have this type of dream, you might want to examine your waking life for areas of feelings of loss of power or impotence.

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